“If someone were to walk up to a native of the area and ask where they could find the “Neiman Marcus of Pagosa Springs” (as it’s been called by some), they would more than likely be pointed in the direction of Goodman’s Department Store in downtown Pagosa. The building is a landmark that has been here for over a century with five generations of the Goodman family running the business.” – Renita Freeman in the Pagosa Springs Sun

“This is a treasure of a store and any visit to Pagosa Springs should include a visit inside. So many good quality items and one of the biggest selection of hats I’ve seen in ages (and my husband bought one!). Very good selection of Pendelton blankets and throws….well, just too many things to mention. And the prices were VERY good, good helpful sales people, and just a good experience all around. We come here frequently and this has become a MUST stop!!” – Linda Anson

“This was our 14th consecutive September trip to Pagosa Springs. We have a tradition of shopping at this wonderful store, especially on our way back home to Arkansas. I was astonished to find out a couple of years ago that these good folks were highly adept at shaping hats. They fixed me up during our 2016 visit and I was so pleased that I took a grey hat that I didn’t wear anymore because I really disliked the shape of the brim. Richard because he did a spectacular job at shaping my hat overnight. He was at lunch when I returned, so Hayley put the finishing touch on what is now my favorite hat. Great folks! Thanks so much for your special service. If you ever want to change the name of your store, call it “Greatman’s.”” – Ron Tatus

“I was in town visiting family when my youngest boy’s new shoes had given out. Well, I said to him, how about some new boots. He was very excited and quickly set his heart on cowboy boots. He’d never had any before so this was a big thing for my little guy. After trying a few stores close to the house, we got recommended to Goodman’s. What a great experience. I walked in with my boy and he was overwhelmed buy the selections. Not just boots but all the other pieces associated with western wear and living. The young lady helping us, I believe her name was Izzy, was so helpful and patient with my 4year old trying on boots at first then getting him fitted for his first cowboy hat. What a great day. He is now walking around town and showing off his new cowboy hat and boots to all passersby; even the dogs and squirrels. We will for sure be returning to Goodman’s next time we are in need of western wear as I know we will be treated to helpful people with warm smiles.” -William Kuhl

“Absolutely the best store in the entire world. A must see every time one is in Pagosa. A treasure chest filled with wonderful items to discover.  The most helpful personnel I have ever met.” – Mark Weiler

“We are from the Indianapolis area and have been shopping at Goodman’s for four years.  They have an outstanding selection of western wear, silver, hats, boots, you name it!  And everyone there is super-friendly and helpful.  What is great is that you run into locals buying there, from as far away as Del Norte.  I met a Jicarilla Apache at the hot springs, probably in his early 40s, from Dolce.  When he was two his father bought his first cowboy boots at Goodman’s.  A couple weeks earlier he purchased his 3-year-old son’s first pair, again at Goodman’s.  Definitely a must-see when in Pagosa Springs!” – Don Smith

“Had a great time here , Sweetest people ever , and our little girl ( Michaela) got her new boots here .
Very nice place great prices!” – Candra

“My favorite store and some of my favorite people!!! We Love You guys!” -Catfish Guthrie

“Goodman’s is our favorite local shopping spot. Lindsey is always helpful and can find anything we need. I can always count on Goodman’s for all of my clothing, housewares and gift giving needs.” – Keely Whittington

“I love this store so much!!! I can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in Pagosa Springs! It’s always the highlight of my vacation. Everyone is so helpful and friendly! Never had an experience in any other store with such phenomenal customer service. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE store!!! Thank you Goodman’s, YOU ROCK!” -Carol B

“My wife and I live outside Santa Fe, NM. We travel to Pagosa Springs several times a year. We always stop at Goodman’s when in Pagosa. I’m a big guy at 6’4″ 250 and it’s a wonderful experience to find a store that sells western wear that actually fits me! Goodman’s has a great selection of everything you need from work to dress. Love stopping in there!” – Jim Norwick

“My Favorite Place & People on the Planet!!!!! One of a Kind, in Every way…..” -Karen White

“One of the most prestigious family owned businesses in good old Pagoasa. Got my favorite pair of sunglasses here :)” -Presley Payne

“My wife was in the market for cowboy boots…not just any boots…super cute boots.  She found  an array of options at this place and while I observed she was treated to the best customer service of any footwear establishment I’ve ever seen.  The boots fit her strangely because her foot is small…yet wide.  This means that cowboy boots are a challenge.  The friendly sales lady here used a stretcher tool from around 100 years ago to make them fit perfectly, then when we noticed a broken stitch on the elaborate decorative patterns, she repeated the process on another boot from another pair.  What a treat to be allowed such great service. But wait it gets better… After we checked out and left happy, the friendy sales lady who recommended Kips for lunch found my sunglasses and called over to the restaurant to make sure I didn’t leave Pagosa Springs without my shades…I thought she must have noticed how bright my future was, but I stood corrected when she said that my shades were nice enough that she knew I’d be sad if I lost them.  I’ll be more careful next time I model 10 gallon cowboy hats for my lady!” – Donnie M.

“This place is the epitome of a small town department store…if that town was in a place where people really liked horses, hats and line dancing.  Its adorable.  Has a ton of clothing and shoes, both to cater to your cowfolk and enough fleeces and life is good products to provide some retail therapy for the skiiers and snowboarders too.  Its located on a corner on main street.  At the end of the day Goodmans is good for a gift for a special occasion, a momento from pagosa springs, or a pair of wranglers you might need because you forgot yours at home and you have a horse waiting for your company.” -Kierstan G.

“Thank you for the wonderful shopping experience this afternoon.  I appreciate the Staff’s willingness to locate my missing earring. No luck so far, but I’ll keep positive vibes going! As usual, the shopping was grand, the selections were amazing, and we truly enjoy stopping in on each and every trip to Pagosa Springs. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Years be yours!”- Dr. Sue

“It is a charming shop with a long history in town. I am not much for Western wear, but I did get my cold weather boots there.  They special ordered the color  and size I wanted because they did not have them in stock.  A couple of weeks later I was the pleased owner of a pair of cozy black Sorels.” – Brenna B.

“love this place.  i have a great pair of deer skin boots i picked up couple of winters ago.  i love the smell of leather when you walk in, it’s a country girl’s dream.” -Tiffany Y.

“This store has a vast selection of Life is Good! There’s always something new on the sales floor. The staff will go above and beyond for customer satisfaction.” -Allison H

“I knew the family my whole life and their store, was nice to go to for important get together such as, Prom, weddings, and dinner arrangements. Your a necessity in this town I love you Goodmans stick around your needed” – Tye Fehrenbacher


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    In addition to our wide range of footwear and hats, we also provide home decor, tuxedo rentals, hunting and fishing licenses, horse tack, riding equipment, gift items, knives, jewelry, accessories, and bath and body products.

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Hats, Boots, Horse Tack & More!

In addition to our wide range of footwear and hats, we also provide home decor, tuxedo rentals, hunting and fishing licenses, horse tack, riding equipment, gift items, knives, jewelry, accessories, and bath and body products.